Care and Cleaning of your jewelry

Each piece is meticulously imagined, manufactured and finished in our workshop in Lisbon, Portugal. Over time, jewelry may begin to show signs of wear, but if you follow these simple steps, yours will look amazing for a long time.

Jewelry is delicate at its core, which is why we encourage customers to take extra care in their daily use. Be careful not to damage or scratch the jewelry. Remove them and keep them if you plan to do heavier work or work that could damage the parts, such as lifting weights, gardening, etc. All metals become dull or tarnished if they come into contact with chemicals, so remove jewelry when showering, putting on perfume, applying cream or exercising.

It is also recommended that you remove your jewelry at night to prevent it from getting scratched or tangled. Don't hesitate to talk to us if you have questions about any of these indications.

  • Over time, the metal becomes dull, but it can be cleaned easily and quickly, returning it to its original state.

    To clean your jewelry, add a few drops of dish soap to warm water and gently clean with a toothbrush. This will help remove any dirt that may be accumulated under precious stones or in cracks in the piece itself. Finally, dry the pieces carefully with a cloth.

  • 925 silver

    Despite being durable, 925 silver can become damaged or tarnished. It probably won't happen as much if the silver pieces are used regularly — using the pieces is part of your care, as incredible as it may seem. You can clean your silver pieces with warm water and a special silver cloth or a delicate brush.

  • Gold Plated

    The 24k gold plating wears out over time, but there is always a way to ensure that it lasts as long as possible through use, conservation and cleaning of the pieces. Always remove them if you are going to put on perfume, apply cream, take a shower, swim or exercise. Store them in a dry and safe place. These pieces can be cleaned with warm water and a silver cleaning cloth*.

    * However, we cannot abuse this cleaning process, as too much could wear away the gold layer over time.
  • Gold

    Gold has a beautiful color that deserves the best care to always be impeccable. It does not stain or oxidize, but it can lose its natural shine and is more susceptible to small marks. To preserve your gold pieces, you can rinse them in warm water and clean them with a soft cloth.

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